We believe in responsibility for the future of our children and of nature.
Since 1989, we have been devoted to the creation of 100% natural, botanical and organic perfumes as well as organic cosmetics.
It is what we call " real natural perfumery and organic cosmetics manufactory ", free of anything except pure nature.

We enjoy and have unlimited pleasure, offering you our most precious perfume creations as well as our real natural organic cosmetic formulations.
Due to the worldwide search for healthier natural products real natural perfumery has become interesting for well informed people of all ages.
Today, our clients only accept products which are unmistakeably defined as being really natural.
These are Perfumes in real natural, non denaturized alcohol  and with a full INCI-declaration mentioning all contained ingredients with the important ingredient "Perfume" defined as (100% natural)". Without this mention this ingredient mix called just "Perfume" can contain anything including synthetics, animal stuffs etc. All of our products show also in the INCI, if contained, the so called potential natural allergenes.
All our perfumes and organic cosmetics have an INCI that you can see at the homepage and online shop before you order.
Our "real natural perfumes and cosmetics" are free from synthetic ingredients, suited for people with allergies, sensitive skin conditions, as children, and for all nature lovers.
If children have access to our products, if our natural perfumes are a present for a loved one or a gift for a friend, our clients have the comfort of knowing that all our creations will never be a source of possible unknown risks to them hidden behind the ingredient called "Perfume". We write: Perfume (100% natural) and  we list, if any, all possible known potential allergenes on all our products.
Real natural perfumery, tradition and experience… Naturally!
Mirbane, or nitrobenzene (synthetic bitter almond scent ) was invented (created?) in 1873, and since has led to the creation of thousands of new additives such as irones, synthetic ambergris, moschus lactones and ketones and much much more... never declared as such in the scented products, therefore unknown for the users.
Synthetic additives have literally been filling the noses of mankind ever since that year.
The risks perfume users go with a perfume which INCI declares only "Perfume" are enormous.
Carrying and inhaling (directly and indirectly!) conventional perfume solutions, not actually knowing what is inside this cocktail mix, containing over 5000 ready mixes offered today in the perfume industry, is a high risk for the health.
For these reasons we declare cristal clear the content of our perfumes using INCI in a propper way that is protected by law.


Synthetic additives have litteraly been filling the noses of mankind ever since that year...
MUSK, botanical