The history and tradition of natural perfumery is as old as the history of mankind.  Natural scents have  being used surely since humans realized that smoke from different woods did not only healed sometimes but made them smell different than usual...  
In the Bible the mention of spices and scents (Myrrh and Incense) can be found everywhere you read. The greatest emperors have given up fortunes in natural incense and perfumed stuffs.
All 100% natural!  
No synthetics at all were used in the traditional perfumery until the second half of 19th century, 1873, when synthetic bitter almond scent was produced over an enzymatic process.
Based on this traditional millenary knowledge we use only 100% natural stuffs.
We offfer the real traditional perfumery of past centurie with newest techniques and qualities:
100% natural modern and classical perfume creations
Allthough well fixed, no synthetic or animal*  stuffs are used in any of
our perfume creations.
*: (exception is Bees Wax absolue in Foin Coupé by dupetit ® Classical Natural Perfumes, line launched in 1994).
Our two over 500 years old linden treas at our manufactory  delivery the bossoms for
our own linden blossom Absolue.
We produce in our manufactory
several plant extracts and  macerates.
We harvest the resins of different pines and trees from our sorrounding woods (used mostly in
Magic Forest by dupetit®) one of our Classical Natural Perfumes of the classical note "Connifera".
In this family tradition we silkprint and label our flacons by ourselves and pack our BioScent by dupetit® perfumes today still by hand in nobly velvet and satin bags.


No synthetics at all were used in the traditional perfumery until the second half of 19th century... and so we do today.
MUSK, botanical